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6 Tips To Reduce Business Taxes

When running a business it is important to know how much your tax burden is likely to be and how you can save on taxes. It is important to know what is deductible and how you can reduce taxes. The World Wide Web has in depth articles as well as tips on taxation and how one can save on taxes payable.

The way to go about reducing taxes is to plan ahead. Begin at the start of the tax year and note down what you can due to reduce your business tax burden. Rules do change so you must read through the IRS site for the current year to find out what applies and what does not.

1. Work out a filing system and collect systematically receipts for all business related activities. Remember even small expenses like parking charges, courier costs, stationary, or food expenses incurred by the office could be eligible for a deduction. Maximize your income tax deductions by collecting receipts for business related expenses and recording and filing them as per the IRS rules.

2. Keep track of expenses like business licensing fees, business taxes, and membership fees paid to business related organizations. Most of these are tax deductible.

3. Interest paid against borrowings to run or set up a business is also tax deductible. Similarly fees paid to banks and other lenders for processing loans or to reduce interest rates on loans are also eligible for tax deductions. Viewing the IRA website will provide relevant information.

4. Insurance premiums paid to protect your goods, transport, storage spaces, and office space and so on are eligible for tax waivers. Find out whether equipment and machinery insurance is also permissible.

5. Many states allow expenses incurred to repair and maintain business premises as a business tax deduction. In many cases cost of material and labor can be claimed too.

6. Utilities, stationary, phone, fax, and internet connections, as well as computers, Xerox machines and more are eligible for deductions from your tax payable. How much and what extent varies from state to state and you need to determine exactly how much.

In addition to the above most states allow deductions in tax payable if you include business travel, hotel expenses, and car rentals and so on in your tax forms. Similarly if you attend any courses or seminars and conventions connected with your business the costs are deductible.

In general other types of possible business deductibles are: advertising expenses, marketing promotions, accounting fees, legal fees, staff health plan premiums, consultation fees, and so on. In additions donations given to charities and other causes are tax deductible too.

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