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ATX was started in the year 1992 and is the leading company that provides perfect professional tax preparation, accounting and tax research solutions to all the tax professionals throughout the U.S.

It offers the best combination of quality, support and value in the professional marketplace. ATX is the part was CCH small firm services. The main objective is to provide comprehensive and affordable line of software as well as an advanced workflow solutions to the accounting & tax professionals.

At, we focus on the all need of preparing tax online. Here you can find out powerful tax preparation software which is specifically designed for the requirements of different types of firms or businesses. We are dedicated to help small and mid-sized tax preparation firms in order to meet all their various needs and challenges. With any product, you can see its impact on your business.

  • ATX offers simple & user-friendly interface and bundled packages which includes virtually all aspects of tax preparation for small and tax-focused firms. It's the perfect system for small to mid-sized tax & accounting firms and seasonal outlets.

  • ATX provides the best bargains in the professional tax preparation market. Its built-in bank functionality for the refund loans and diagnostic tools is really fantastic. It provides the finest combination of support, value and quality in the professional marketplace.

  • The new Scan&Fill system reduces data-entry time and the tax preparation & accounting programs help small firms to expand their business. Gives immediate access to most frequently needed functions.

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