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CitizenTax is an independent organization that provides required information and forms to all the customers.

E-filing is the quick and easy alternative to the traditional method of completing and mailing your tax returns. Whenever you will e-file your returns, the information is transmitted directly to the IRS. You can easily and quickly file your individual income tax return electronically. Our e-Services allow tax professionals and payers to automatically accomplish business with the IRS. Our highly secured servers will keep your personal information completely safe. After registering your personal information, you can easily navigate through our whole site.

  • CitizenTax is perfect solution for preparing taxes online. It offers an extensive FAQ section that helps the novice tax payers to easily navigate throughout the whole site. Now easily file your individual income tax return electronically.

  • Gives more comprehensive tax services to meet all your business and e-file needs. It brings straightforward, easy and quick tax preparation solution. It offers simple user interface that allows you to smoothly enter your personal information.

  • CitizenTax is the simple way to plan and file your tax online returns. Highly recommend. It's the perfect solution for the e-filling. Uses encryption method to protect your personal information which I like the most.

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