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H&R Block - Online Tax Preparation Help

4400 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 1-800-472-5625
H&R Block offers a variety of tax preparation and financial services and all are fully modified to fit the unique needs of our clients.

At H&R Block, we serve a variety of individuals, from students and new parents, to seniors and Americans living in Canada. We pride ourselves on our diverse customer base, and have designed our personal tax services to ensure that the needs of each of our clients are met.

H&R Block is a tax-preparation and personal finance management company and it was founded by brothers Henry W. and Richard Bloch in Kansas City in 1955. Presently we have more than 13,000 tax offices in the United States and over 1,300 offices in some other locations in Australia Canada and U. K. We have also given our services to 23.5 million taxpayers worldwide.

  • I am so happy to its Online Taxes services!! I have used H&R Block free edition + E-file service of this firm for organize my own taxes! I got very easy and quick tax-return process, it was check error automatic and gave me precise calculations assurance!!

  • It's a trustworthy corporation for taking TAX services whatever, Full-service tax preparation, tax products & services and more!!!!.....!!!

  • H&R Block is a world famous and leading tax service online source! I am old customer of this firm and always use its service for my tax related all need.. Every-time I found it accurate for me!

  • The H&R Block is the best TAX partner group for my business. I have saved my lots of time and money by using your Basic + E-file solution. It was very prompt and the best way to tax returns.

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