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68555 North Road, PO Box 2111
Greenport, NY 11944
Phone: 631-477-1304
Tax Reduction Services was founded in 1990, and it was predictable from our extension. One day the TRS creator Paul Henry analyzed his property tax bill and he feels that something wrong then he gets the idea for to do something for every people and which is right for everyone.

Our employees do our work on the based of market value and your property. We definitely try to reduce your taxes and it is less than assigned your property. Consideration is a main confirmation when our process is continued and it is priority value of your property. We give you first to last proper and perfect services like paper work, save your money, the whole process and tax reduction.

  • It is only natural to reproduce on what they have skillful during the preceding one year. And this year, the tax service can rejoice an attainment that could make is them. So I am very happy and great.

  • I am extremely content and especially cheerful with this most popular tax firm and Tax Reduction Services.

  • Buddy!!!!! I am very glad to receive my installment through the repay my tax and for that you had given me big support. In future I definitely get your services again and extremely recommend everyone.

  • Thank you very much for every one of your assist. I am actually being grateful for it. I am very happy to get the continuing services on your way. You had given positive responses with speedy and straightforward value.

  • TRS give me quick and perfect response of my phones and emails. They always giving the perfect answers of my question and I am very impressed in this first out of the country taxes and fast rotation of the work.

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