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Union Privilege was founded in 1986 by the AFL-CIO with union members and their families with helpful customer support. Throughout using the power of unions, we are able to give you important and discounted services with professional nature.

Our association designs programs that assist union members take enjoyment in life at a huge price. By using the communal buying power of unions, we are able to diversity of good quality, discounted products and services wholly to functioning families. They have program available for union member including discounted lawful services, union member dental program, credit card and real estate loan program and many additional services. With the Union Privilege Online Tax grounding Service, union members and their family can use an online income tax return grounding tool to prepare and file their taxes at half cost of comparable services and Online Income Tax grounding and Online Tax Return file made straightforward.

  • Union Privilege is my first preferred tool for repay my all taxes rapidly and gets many more facilities. I am also very delighted to your services in very reasonable price.

  • I have attended your real estate loan program and your professional staff really had given best services and various loan packages in very low rate than market rate. I can easily get the real estate loan.

  • I am very appreciated through your legal and protected tax service and I never worried about my property. I have great experience with "Union Privilege" and respectful to all the employees.

  • I am very proud to say that I am regular customer of this firm and I am very contented and cheerful with this corporation.

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